22 Kids and Counting star shares moment of chaos during daughter Millie’s marriage proposal

22 Kids and Counting’s Sue and Noel Radford have spilled the beans on daughter Millie’s engagement to her beau Harley, which was nearly a complete flop.

Millie Radford, 22, the seventh child of the super-sized Radford clan, recently shared the delightful news that she’s getting hitched to her sweetheart Harley. The romantic proposal unfolded during their magical getaway to Disneyland Florida, where Harley chose to ask for Millie’s hand in marriage.

However, the proposal didn’t quite go off without a hitch. A TikTok video posted by The Radford Family captured the couple in front of the iconic Disney castle, with Millie believing they’re taking a photo.

22 Kids and Counting's Millie Radford got engaged at Disney
22 Kids and Counting’s Millie Radford got engaged at Disney

Her expression swiftly changes from smile to astonishment as Harley reveals a ring box and kneels before her. Although Millie appears to accept the proposal, a slight mishap occurs when Harley tries to slip the ring onto her finger but ends up dropping it instead, reports the Mirror.

An audible “It got stuck on my nail! ” can be heard from Millie, followed by a flustered Harley searching for the ring, exclaiming, “Oh no! Where’s it gone? Where’s it gone?”.

After a tense moment, he located the ring and slipped it onto Millie’s finger, exclaiming: “I’m shaking.”

A video showed behind the scenes footage of their proposal
A video showed behind the scenes footage of their proposal

The couple then proudly displayed the sparkler to the camera, although Millie noted it was a bit snug. She humorously suggested her fingers had expanded, quipping: “I must have put on a bit of timber since we’ve been out here as I was a ring size M before we got here! “.

Following their engagement announcement on social media, Harley gushed: “She said yes. I love you my wife-to-be.”

Millie and her betrothed share a son named Chester, born in February 2022, and she has two daughters from a previous relationship, Ophelia Jo and Elodie Jade, born in September 2020 and September 2023.

Fans rushed to congratulate the couple under the video, with one commenting: “Aw congratulations to you all. The heat will make your fingers swell so maybe wait a bit as maybe ok when back home as the cold will help x.”

The Radford family shot to fame on 22 Kids and Counting
The Radford family shot to fame on 22 Kids and Counting

Another penned: “The best proposal, outside the castle.”

The Radfords became household names after featuring on Channel 5’s 22 Kids and Counting in 2021. Sue, aged 48, and Noel, 53, were teenage sweethearts who welcomed their first child when Sue was just 14. They have since grown their family by an impressive 21 children and now enjoy life as grandparents.

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