50 Cent on Speculation Chris Brown Bought Up Quavo Tickets Amid Beef to Ensure Low Show Turnout: ‘LOL’

Quavo‘s issues with Chris Brown might be causing problems for him on tour, now, 50 Cent is paying attention.

The Migos member had a recent performance in Connecticut to a rather intimate crowd despite being in an arena. Some social media users speculated that Brown bought up the tickets to embarrass Quavo, as his latest diss track aimed at Brown was played to a near-empty crowd. It’s also alleged that Honcho left the stage before the concert’s scheduled ending time.

Jumping in on the speculation was rapper (and frequent troll) 50 Cent, who shared a screenshot about the concert allegation on Instagram. “Oh this shit getting different,” he wrote. “I know [ninja emoji]’s tight. LOL.”

View news Source: https://www.complex.com/music/a/jaelaniturnerwilliams/50-cent-speculation-chris-brown-bought-quavo-tickets

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