A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Addresses Tense Altercation With Paris Club Bouncers, Claims Mace Was Used

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has explained his side of a recent incident that went down after he and his crew were denied entry into a club in Paris.

The rapper is currently performing in Europe as part of his Better Off Alone Tour, and he ran into some trouble when he took some time off around his Paris show on Sunday, April 28. In a video, which can be seen below, the rapper was drinking from a bottle of champagne as he attempted to make his way into a club. The bouncers appeared to tell him that he couldn’t go inside with the bottle, so he put it down and his entourage got into an argument with them.

He then indicated that he would be leaving, but not before he walked back up to the bouncers. It appears he went back to grab his bottle or attempted to walk into the club again. It isn’t clear.

A bouncer stopped him almost immediately, and he backed off as the bouncer approached him with a pole. At one point, a glass bottle is heard breaking. Boogie continued to exchange words with the bouncer and express his frustration but ultimately left the scene.

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