‘A kick in the teeth for the club’, Gateshead FC’s League hopes ended over Stadium lease issues

Gateshead Council has made it clear that they would “continue to be supportive of Gateshead FC” following the Tynesiders’ elimination from the National League playoffs due issues over the International Stadium lease. However some local fans are furious that this will prevent Gateshead FC from progressing to the league. See our commenting section below:

The Heed’s 2-1 victory against Chesterfield at home last week appeared to have guaranteed a spot in the top seven, giving them a chance to enter the Football League for the first time since the 1960s.

The EFL and National League, however, confirmed in subsequent statements that Gateshead did not meet the requirements to be a Football League member and that their inability to obtain a 10-year security of tenure on the International Stadium would bar them from participating in the play-offs.

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Gateshead Council Service Director Michael Lamb confirmed that the local authority has “offered to work several times with all parties to find a solution.” However, he also revealed that their priority is to continue providing “sustainable and accessible leisure services for all communities.” He goes on to say that the Council’s attempts to find a solution have apparently not been far-reaching enough to sway the EFL into an agreement.

Kingkev is angry: “What an absolute disgrace, this is a kick in the teeth for the club as a whole and their future, who will want to sign if they’ve got ambitions to progress to the FL but won’t be able to even if they win the league!” and facting agrees, placing the blame with the Council “Gateshead Council should hang their heads in shame over this one. The failure to have that lease in place is shockingly bad management of public facilities.”

Spuggy2 sees it as more of an issue with the EFL “It does look like [the Council] did try but do the EFL want another North East team in the league? Another issue would be if the 10 years was legally binding and Gateshead was lucky enough to get a new ground and owt is better than the stadium for football would they be tied into it. The break seems a logical way if that is open to both parties.” He goes on to say: “The EFL done the same many years ago with Colne Dynamo’s where they inspected their ground in December and said it did not fit the criteria which goes to show they do not want new teams upsetting the apple cart”

Earlgra can see a possible solution: “Why not ask NUFC if they might like to take over as guarantors and also use the stadium for the reserves and junior teams as a nursery. Just a thought.” bastia77 also offers advice: “Surely there’s another ground/park in the community they could use/share with a bit of goodwill in the interim? There’s always a way. Get ya ‘heeds’ together man!”

What solutions do you see for this problem? Have your say in our comments section below:

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