Advertise with Durham Hits

Hear your advert Online, on DAB, Freeview and Sky all for one monthly fixed price.

Website Advertising

A Growing Station with Ambition to Promote

We have packages containing both fixed and veritable advertising space on our website, From home page or multi-page or even footer only, discuss more with our team today.

Heard on DAB, Online, Freeview & Sky

Hear your business or promotion directly on the radio across Durham, We can inject your advert into all of our Radio streams or for example just online, the choice is always yours.

From a Program to a Series or even the News

We're always looking for Sponsorship of our programs or hourly news, Your advert can be played at selected points during the show or at the beginning / end. Discuss this with our team today.
Mobile Advertising

Both Direct and via Push Notifications

Our demographic is 18-30 year olds meaning most carry a mobile device, we can enable your advertisement as a push notification guaranteeing exposure to your required audience 24/7.

Using In-House Production

Our In-House team can work directly with you to design and build your custom advertisement to your liking, We also offer fast turn arounds to ensure your advert is live within 1 week or your selected date.

Find your Customer without taking the hit!

We can help you to understand your market, Helping to build statistics and ensuring you understand your market prior to advertising, We also offer Research as a free bolt on for all of our clients.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Reach out to our friendly team via email and we will get back to you within 1 business day. 

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