Amazon shoppers amazed by ‘exceptional’ and ‘hassle-free solution’ to deter rats and mice

Amazon shoppers have been recommending a rodent repellent device which you can pick up for less than £30.

While traditional rat traps have been branded inhumane and barbaric by many, there are ways of getting rid of pests without killing or harming them.

If rats and mice are starting to make their way into your home at this time of the year, then it would be wise to make a move before they start to nest and multiply in numbers. In comes the AMZ BRAND Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent which is selling on Amazon for £25.99.

The AMZ BRAND product states that ‘ultrasonic waves stimulate rodents’ nervous and auditory systems, which will drive the rodents away from your house’. While the product description does note that there may be an increase of pest activity at first as the soundwaves irritate them, they will be driven out in a matter of weeks.

The indoor device plugs straight into the wall and comes with four unique modes of use – each with their own intensity and suitability, as some people may hear the high-frequency sounds emitted. Manufacturers say that as ‘ultrasonic waves do not penetrate walls’ these devices are most effective ‘in the same room or open spaces with direct line of sight’.

They add that: “Optimal results are achieved by placing the repeller in the desired area, free from obstructions such as walls or furniture.”

And with a 4.2 star rating on Amazon based on almost 1,400 reviews – it’s easy to see why people are rushing to snap up the AMZ BRAND product. Many customers praised the performance, modes and appearance of the product, noting that it works well and is easy to install.

Opinions are mixed on the sound emitted, but it seems to drive pests out with ease. One customer wrote: “Overall, I cannot recommend the AMZ Ultrasonic Mouse and Rat Repellent enough. It offers an effective, safe, and hassle-free solution for pest control, making it a must-have for any home or business.

“Say goodbye to rodents and hello to peace of mind with this exceptional product.”

Another added: “After three weeks we were not aware of any more scratching in the walls and no further sightings of any rodents so I think we are now rodent free. I have kept the repellers on the blue setting as a deterrent for now for piece of mind. The repellers are excellent value for money and are quite discreet too.

“The blue setting is silent. The green and yellow settings are a little noisy but tolerable and the red setting is quite noisy. I’d recommend these to anyone who needs to keep rodents under control. Great product.”

And a third continued: “Easy to use, just plug in. Since I got these I’ve not heard anything from the rat so fingers crossed they’ve done their job. I’m leaving them plugged in for a while though. Highly recommend.”

You can get the AMZ Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent from Amazon here.

And if you don’t want to worry about racking up your electricity bill or high-frequency noises disturbing you or your pets, then you shouldn’t worry – as there are a number of other products which can rid your home of rodents. You could try investing in humane traps like the Motel Mouse for £16.99, or the Pest-Stop Mouse Pre-Baited Station from Screwfix for £6.99.

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