André 3000 on Potential of Dropping New Outkast Album With Big Boi: ‘Our Chemistries Have Changed’

Will OutKast ever release more music? 

Fans must continue to wait for an answer to that question, according to a recent interview with André 3000 for The Bitter Southerner. Three Stacks spoke with culture writer Hanif Abdurraqib about his latest project New Blue Sun, playing the flute, and his relationship with Big Boi

Since their last album Idlewild dropped in 2005, fans continue to beg André and Big Boi for a new project. In his conversation with Abdurraqib, the Atlanta legend reflected on his current relationship with Big Boi, assuring everyone that they are still on good terms. 

“You know, people always ask about me and Big Boi,” André shared. “We cool, man. That’s my homie forever. We were friends before doing music.” 

Big Boi has released three solo albums since OutKast’s last project. Meanwhile, André 3000 released his first solo project, a flute-centered album titled New Blue Sun, back in November 2023. While he didn’t rule out the possibility of future music coming from the rap duo, André emphasized that the two men have changed over time and so has their “chemistry.” 

“People ask, so will there be another OutKast album? I really can’t say, man. I do realize that our chemistries have changed. We’re different people. We’re totally different people,” he said. “Not to say that we won’t be able to make any kind of music, but I think, yeah, people have to realize, like even in relationships, man, husband and wife, chemistry should change after a while. And I think people think there’s this one thing that has to stay a way, but we are ever-changing, man.”

Back in March, André reunited with Big Boi on the Atlanta stop on his New Blue Sun tour. This was their first performance together since 2016, when they hit the stage at the ONE Musicfest in their hometown of Atlanta.

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