Atlantic Records Jokes About Sneaking Into Cardi B’s Studio to Make Sure Her Album Drops

Atlantic, which signed Cardi back in 2017, was responding to the rapper’s June 2024 cover story for Rolling Stone. The piece touched on a wide range of topics, including the growing frustration over her sophomore album release. Cardi has since deleted the aforementioned tweet, while her rep confirmed that a 2024 project was still in the works.

Cardi told Rolling Stone she was working hard to complete the album, which was still missing a title, key features, and a handful of tracks. 

“Being out here is my punishment,” she told the outlet while recording in Los Angeles. “Until I have the album ready, I’m not going home. When I come to L.A., I be like, ‘I’m ready to get shit done.’ Then, eight days in, my mind starts missing home, feeling lonely, and then I be like, ‘Girl …’ I miss my kids.”

But homesickness isn’t the only hurdle Cardi is facing. The Grammy-winning rapper also admits she struggles with indecisiveness. 

View news Source: https://www.complex.com/music/a/joshua-espinoza/atlantic-records-jokes-dropping-cardi-b-album

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