Baby daddy killer Tasmin Glass had ex Steven Donaldson brutally murdered then ‘calmly made sandwiches’

A woman who planned the murder of the father of her unborn child casually ‘mixed up tuna and onion’ and made sandwiches while being quizzed by police about his death.

Tasmin Glass was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2019 for plotting the murder of her baby’s dad, Steven Donaldson.

Tasmin, who was 20 at the time, orchestrated the horrifying attack on the 27-year-old, which saw her enlist the help of her new boyfriend, Steven Dickie, and his friend Callum Davidson, who were both convicted of the killing.

The case is being examined in a new Channel 4 documentary series titled Murder Case: The Digital Detectives, which follows the investigation and reveals how Police Scotland’s Digital Forensics Unit managed to convict Steven’s killers. His burnt body was discovered in a remote nature reserve in Scotland in June 2018.

Tasmin Glass who murdered the father of her unborn child
Tasmin Glass, who planned to have her ex Steven Donaldson killed by her new boyfriend

Murder victim Steven Donaldson
Steven Donaldson was killed in the car park at Kinnordy Nature Reserve near Kirriemuir, Angus in June 2018 by Steven Dickie and Callum Davidson

The first episode of the docuseries, which aired last week, saw Detective Constable Nicola Annan explain how she visited a cafe in Kirriemuir, Scotland, where Tasmin worked.

As she spoke to her about her former partner’s body being found burned alive, she was taken aback when the 20-year-old continued calmly making rolls for lunch.

DC Annan said: “I went to the cafe where Tasmin was working. During this time, Tasmin’s behavior I would say was quite bizarre.

“She continued to make up sandwich fillers and spread rolls and have general chit-chat. Bearing in mind this is her boyfriend who has been brutally murdered and she is standing there mixing up her tuna and onion.”

Tasmin appeared “emotionless” throughout the investigation into Steven’s murder and, during police questioning, she stared blankly at cops while giving a series of “no comment” answers.

Tasmin Glass being questioned by police
Tasmin Glass was “emotionless” throughout the probe into Steven’s death.

In one clip, DC Annan tells her: “Your demeanor has still not changed. You’re still sitting there emotionless. You can sit and stare at me all you like, it’ll not put me off.”

Steven was the victim of ‘extreme violence’ at the hands of Callum Davidson and Steven Dickie, who approached him in a park armed with a baseball bat, knife, and a cleaver or axe.

He was then driven to Kinnordy Loch nature reserve car park in his own white BMW, where he was violently murdered and set alight. Meanwhile, pregnant Tasmin returned home and slept soundly as his life came to an end.

Detective Superintendent Andy Patrick said: “She was able to go home calmly, engage with her mother and then the health app shows she was able to go to her bed and sleep that night. All at the time when Steven Donaldson was being murdered by Callum Davidson and Steven Dickie.”

Tasmin could be considered for parole and released as early as next month after serving half her sentence. Steven’s family has written to the Parole Board to demand she remains locked up.

Murder Case: The Digital Detectives series continues on Channel 4 at 9 pm on Monday

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