Big Daddy Kane Says Jay-Z’s Flow and Image Kept Labels From Signing Him Early

Big Daddy Kane has revealed he had trouble helping Jay-Z get a deal because labels weren’t sold on his flow or image.

During a conversation with The Art of Dialogue, the legendary Brooklyn rapper reflected on the time he was working with a young Hov and was asked if labels really weren’t trying to give him a deal. According to Kane, the labels didn’t believe in his skill, but it worked for Jay in the long run. 

“This was, I want to say, ’90 or ’91. We recorded some songs, probably about four or five songs on Jay-Z and shot them to several different record label labels, and they all passed. They all passed, you know, none of them could see the vision,” Kane said at the beginning of the clip. 

The “Smooth Operator” rapper stated he was glad that Jay didn’t sign with those labels because he didn’t think he would be “as successful” and “the billionaire that he is” if any of the deals went through. At the time, Jay had a rapid-fire flow that was trendy but soon fizzled out, and Kane claimed his fellow Brooklynite wouldn’t have found success if he came out with that flow instead of taking his time and figuring out the artist he wanted to be.

“He got on his, you know, his gangster hustler, the rest was history,” Kane continued. “I’m glad I didn’t get him a deal because what he did on his own and figured out, that was the ticket. That was the right move and it made him, you know, the, the hip hop legend that he is today. The label’s issue with him was his flow. It was like with some people they didn’t like the flow with some people. They didn’t like the image.”

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