Billie Shepherd reveals easy hack that boosted body confidence before Dubai getaway

Billie Shepherd has found a new diet and fitness routine that helps her stay healthy while looking after her three children.

Reality star Billie has just come back from a holiday in Dubai and says that she prepared for the break with intermittent fasting and weight training. “I do weight training with a personal trainer, and a little bit of cardio, but I mostly focus on weights and toning,” says Billie. “I try and do that two or three times a week, depending on the kids and work and everything.”

Fasting has also helped Billie feel less sluggish and bloated. “I tried fasting for five days before I went on holiday,” says Billie. “I ate my last meal at six in the evening and then I didn’t eat until midday the next day. I just have scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado, and then try to be pretty healthy for the rest of the day until I have my dinner. I only did it for a week and I found it was really good. I’m actually going to start again this weekend because I feel a bit bloated from all the food and wine on holiday.”

Billie, Greg, Margot, Nellie and Arthur pose for a photograph on holiday
Billie, Greg, Margot, Nellie and Arthur pose for a photograph on holiday

The fasting also gave Billie more get-up-and-go. “I also noticed that I felt I had more energy as well,” she says. “The first day it was a bit tricky because I was really hungry, but then it got easier each day, and I definitely felt less bloated. I’m between a size 8-10, depending on the clothes, but I’d say probably more of a size 10.” And while many celebrities use cosmetic surgery to keep their figures looking amazing, Billie chooses not to. “It’s just not what I want to do,” she says.

Billie and her husband Greg Shepherd are about to return to our screens with their kids Nelly, Arthur and Margot in a new series of Billie And Greg: The Family Diaries.

Beginning May 2nd, the new ITVBe series will see 16-month-old Margot steal the show. “Margot’s walking everywhere,” says Billie. “She’s trying to feed herself now, which is messy, but is really cute, and on holiday she started drinking out of a cup, which I think is really funny!” Billie, 34, revels in every moment of being a hands-on mum, but after finally getting Margot to sleep in her own room, she’s happy to be getting a little more rest. And Greg is happy to have Billie back in the master bedroom with him.

Billie shows off her gorgeous family kitchen in her dream home
Billie shows off her gorgeous family kitchen in her dream home

“She’s in her own room in her own cot, thank goodness,” sighs Billie. “We’re all getting sleep. She’s on the move everywhere now, so I definitely need my rest.”

Three children feels like the perfect number for Billie, but she can’t rule out another baby Shepherd. “I’m so happy with three,” says Billie, before adding, “Never say never, but I am really happy with three. And I definitely have my hands full.” The kids are growing up fast, with Nelly turning 10 in July and Arthur now seven. The new series sees Billie learning how to protect her children from danger on the internet.

“It’s so important to keep the kids safe online and have boundaries,” says Billie. “I know you can’t monitor every single thing, but Nelly loves to watch horse influencers online, and I just keep an eye on it. You have to be on the ball with it – it’s another level of parenting.”

Viewers have watched Billie and Greg, 39, build their beautiful home at the same time as their family, but while they’ve spent years perfecting their Essex mansion, Billie reveals she’s not sure it’s her forever home. “I love it there, but I always say you never know what will happen,” says Billie. “I think we’ll be there for a long time because it’s an ideal location for the kids as they grow up. We do love it there, but who knows?”

Billie is finally getting some sleep now baby Margot is in her own bedroom
Billie is finally getting some sleep now baby Margot is in her own bedroom

One thing’s for sure, Billie isn’t keen to build her own house again. “I don’t think I’ll be doing that again in a hurry,” she laughs. However, what she would like to repeat in the future is her wedding to Greg, which took place in the Maldives in 2019. “We’ve talked about renewing our vows at 10 years, and I’d love to go back to the Maldives,” she says.

Right now, Billie’s focus is on her reality show, and fans can expect two more series this year alone. “The new series is out on 2 May,” says Billie. “We’re just coming towards the end of filming, and then we’re filming another series, which will launch later this year, so it’s all been good. There are lots of highs and lows as always, and crazy family life for us.”

Billie first found fame on The Only Way Is Essex, before leaving to film The Mummy Diaries with her sister Sam Faiers. After Sam stepped away, the show became Billie And Greg: The Family Diaries. But Billie still misses filming with her sister and hopes they’ll one day be reunited on screen. “We always say that one day we’re definitely doing something together again,” confirms Billie.

Billie has got her hands full with three children
Billie has got her hands full with three children

Billie has teamed up with TalkTalk to reveal the secrets of maintaining a happy household

Billie And Greg: The Family Diaries returns to ITVBe at 9pm on Thursday 2 May and episodes are also available on ITVX

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