Blue Lights star makes surprise return to drama after character’s controversial exit

Blue Lights has made a welcome return to TV screens, with the second series of the hit BBC One show picking up where the first left off. Viewers were delighted to see the drama return on 15 April, and have not been left disappointed with the second season so far.

The second episode, which aired on 22 April, took fans by surprise as popular character David ‘Jonty’ Johnson (Jonathan Harden) made a shock return – despite his controversial exit in the first series. Jonty was fired from the police force in Blue Lights after his extramarital affair with his junior, Jen Robinson (Hannah McClean), came to light.

Blue Lights
Jonty made a shock return in Blue Lights

It was also revealed Jonty had been covertly collaborating with MI5 alongside his affair, leaving the force no choice but to fire him immediately. However, his absence was clearing felt, and in the second episode of the second series Jonty was invited back to the police force.

Viewers have so far praised the return of Blue Lights, with many impressed with the BBC drama. Taking to X, one wrote: “#BlueLights picking up where it left off in season one. Smashing characters, crackling pace, dead witty script, high tension and mirth in quick succession. That hour fair flew by. Terrific”.

BLue Lights
He was invited back to the police force despite having previously been fired

Another added: “Tense complicated relationships, great plotting, nice pacing, wicked dialogue and clearly defined characters – #BlueLights has it all”. A third simply wrote: “Loving the return of #BlueLights”.

Talking about the return of Blue Lights, writer Adam Patterson revealed: “One of the unifying themes about series two is how difficult it is to initiate change and our young loyalist rebel wants to change his home environment for the good but ends up having to do bad things in order to change that system”.

Jen Robinson - Hannah McClean
Jonty had an affair with Jen in series one

Writer Declan Lawn added: “The central theme of Blue Lights is idealism v pragmatism which is in the DNA of the show and in every character. We all live in the space between the two; who we want to be and who we are.

“This series delves further into that. Everyone has ideals but they have to compromise them. It’s about the daily grind and what that does to you and how, as a cop and as a person, you can never be exactly who you want to be. It’s also about why family matters and if you don’t have a family, often you will find yourself quite lost.”

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