Boots shoppers ‘replace’ entire skincare routine with new serum that’s under £20

Boots shoppers have ‘replaced’ their entire skincare routine for a newly-launched serum that costs under £20. The viral beauty buy was previously only available in the US, with one selling every minute – and since it’s launch at Boots earlier this month, it has already sold out multiple times.

Finally back in stock, the Olay Super Serum is set to be priced at £39.99, but has been reduced to £19.99 as an introductory offer, saving you around 50 per cent on the RRP. But what makes it so super?

Unlike many ordinary serums, which feature one or two key ingredients and benefits, Olay’s Super Serum combines five powerhouse active ingredients to deliver five serum benefits in one. The potent formula is designed to improve skin texture, even skin tone, firm skin, smooth visible lines and provide long-lasting hydration.

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The five main active ingredients include activated niacinamide to boost cell turnover and tackle discolouration, while vitamin C helps protect the skin from damage including fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen peptides are best known for their anti-ageing abilities and can penetrate up to 10 layers into the skin, all of which has been paired with vitamin E and the AHA lactic acid – an exfoliant that helps tackle hyperpigmentation while providing hydration.

As well as the powerful skin-loving ingredients, the serum also features a colour-changing soft iridescence that transforms when applied, leaving a barely-there natural radiance to the skin that shoppers say gives them a ‘ glowy’ complexion.

Suitable for normal, oily and dry skin types, it’s said to be ‘perfect for those looking for a streamlined skincare routine that delivers multiple benefits’. The cult beauty product has already racked up more than 1,000 five star reviews from shoppers who hailed it a ‘game changer’.

A general image of the Olay Super Serum
Olay’s viral Super Serum targets 5 key skincare concerns in one bottle

One said: “This is honestly incredible! I bought it two weeks ago (I managed to get my hands on one before it sold out!) and my skin looks firmer, brighter and fine lines have been reduced! Very impressed and would highly recommend!”

“This deserves the hype!” said another. “Left my skin feeling super hydrated and super smooth. Usually I feel like my face has a lot texture due to dryness and ageing but I feel almost glossy after I used it. It improved the looked of my make up too.”

A third said it’s ‘next level’, commenting: “I don’t know about you, but I have bottles of peptides, vitamin c and acids. This is a game changer, especially in the summer when you want to wear less. I slathered this on and put on sunscreen and off I went. My skin looks luminous and more hydrated!”

One woman said ‘this will replace my current beauty regimen’, adding: “It’s no secret I was raised on the Olay brand and now that I am a lady getting to a certain age, I knew immediately where I needed to go for my skin care routine. I have a little shelf with my existing Olay products and this Super Serum is a game changer, it has all I am looking for in one bottle.”

Others have said it ‘feels just like high end serums’ and left skin ‘feeling firmer and looking better’ in just a few uses. However, it does have ‘one big downfall’ according to skincare enthusiasts, and that’s the absence of SPF. One beauty fan wrote: “It gives my face a nice complexion . But it has one big down fall. You need to wear a sun protectant with this! They should just add spf to the serum like everyone else, because if you don’t it can sunburn your skin easily.”

Lots of skincare ingredients, such as vitamin C, can make the skin more sensitive to sun exposure, which is a leading cause of ageing. As such, it’s important to wear SPF every day of the year – not just when it’s sunny. One of our current favourites is the new No7 Future Renew Damage Reversal, which you can currently get for £10 off with the code REVERSE10.

Other shopper-loved serums we’ve been swooning over recently include the £12 Revolution Pro Night Rescue Serum, as well as Estee Lauder’s coveted Advanced Night Repair for £65. But if you fancy giving Olay’s Super Serum a try, now is your chance while it’s half price, here.

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