Britain’s Got Talent viewers fume as they discover Golden Buzzer act’s professional career

Britain’s Got Talent fans have expressed their discontent by flooding social media, with critical comments about Sydnie Christmas‘ Golden Buzzer act due to her past West End career.

Amanda Holden kicked off the 17th season of Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday 20 April by using her Golden Buzzer for singer and gym receptionist Sydnie. She stunned Simon Cowell, Bruno Tonioli, Alesha Dixon, and the audience with a powerful rendition of Tomorrow from the classic musical Annie.

Sydnie, who is 28 years old, couldn’t believe her instant success, earning a pass to the live finals of the reality TV show. She shared her struggles in pursuing a singing career, often second-guessing her path.

Sydnie couldn't believe it when Amanda pressed her golden buzzer
Sydnie couldn’t believe it when Amanda pressed her golden buzzer

“I was pinching myself. I thought this couldn’t be real… this doesn’t happen to people like me. I have wanted to do this forever. To be on stage, entertain, perform and sing… singing is my thing. I have been trying to make that happen my entire career,” Sydnie recounted.

However, ITV viewers have challenged her claims after scouring through her online profiles and uncovering that the Kent-born talent has a substantial background in the showbiz industry. One viewer expressed their disappointment, saying: “It’s a load of cr*p, ive just looked her up, been acting since 9, graduating from Performing School Art school, been in Starlight Express,” referring to the ninth-longest-standing musical on the West End.

“Sydnie Christmas is a professional singer/actress already working in the West End. Thought #bgt was for amateurs not professional. She’s taken golden buzzer off someone more deserving.”

Sydnie does have a history of performing on the West End
Sydnie does have a history of performing on the West End

Another said: “Ah the ‘I just want to be on West End’ singer who has performed in Grease and Starlight Express. I’d respect someone so much more if they’re just honest about their experience.” A third viewer chimed in: “She’s literally been on stage in starlight express and others, after her graduating from performing arts school”.

Adding to the conversation, one TV fan remarked: “She was in Starlight Express for 4 years.” Meanwhile, another Britain’s Got Talent enthusiast commented: “sydnie dreams of being on stage? Seems like it’s already happened? works front of house at a gym though.”

The judges have a total of 9 golden buzzer acts in the auditions this year
The judges have a total of 9 golden buzzer acts in the auditions this year

Taking things further, another person shared a home video of Sydnie singing, with the caption: “Sydnie Christmas has had a long, hard ride getting this far. This is from 9 years ago.”

Sydnie Christmas’ Instagram, followed by a cool 6,656 fans, showcases her years on the stage with Starlight Express. She recently bid farewell to the show, “hanging up her skates” last year. Her profile features a throwback photo from her performances, alongside a touching caption: “2 and a half contracts. 4 years later. I hang up my skates. Memories I won’t ever forget. People I will cherish forever. Thank you Starlight Express.”

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