Childish Gambino’s New World Tour Teased Ahead of Final Albums: ‘Are You Ready?’

No additional info has yet been made available. However, fans quickly uncovered a website for The New World Tour, complete with a mailing list signup option.

Gambino’s past tours have been undeniably memorable affairs. His I Am Donald run in 2011, for example, saw Glover essentially opening for himself by first performing a standup set, then taking the stage in Gambino form mere moments later.

The This Is America tour in 2018 was widely referred to as possibly being the final batch of Gambino shows. In fact, Gambino himself said as much during the opening stop in Duluth. The moniker itself has also been the subject of frequent retirement speculation, all of which led nicely into this month’s official announcement that what’s next from Glover and company will indeed mark the final Gambino releases.

First up is Atavista, which fans will note is a final version of 3.15.20. The last Gambino album will arrive next, per comments from Glover on a previous GILGA Radio livestream, and serves as the soundtrack for a new film titled Bando Stone & The New World.

DG has also been previewing new music as of late, including a collaboration with Ye that’s been met with immediate love from fans. This pairing is especially noteworthy for Glover, who often spoke about Ye’s influence during interviews earlier into his career. In 2011, the same year he opened for himself on the I Am Donald tour, Gambino put his own spin on the MBDTF track “All of the Lights.”

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