Chris Brown Recalls Unnamed Rapper Terrorizing Club With ‘Finger in My Booty’ Rant, Receipts Point to Kanye

Chris Brown says a certain rapper completely killed the vibes during an outing they had a few years ago.

For the 100th episode of the R&B Money Podcast, the 34-year-old was asked to participate in a segment called “I Ain’t Saying No Names” where the singer would recall a story that’s “funny or fucked up” on the condition of not revealing who the story is about.

The “No Guidance” singer recalled the night a “huge artist” wanted to go to the club with Brown and some friends.

“There was this artist and [they] wanted to go out to the club with us … Huge artist. I’m like, ‘Alright, cool. Meet me at the crib, we gonna go to the club.’ It’s N***a Night, it’s turn-up night. [There’s] gonna be another artist in there performing, and that artist’s song was the number one song in the country,” he said at the 1:21:22 mark above.

“We get in the club, I make sure we got the whole section full of women. The person there, [he’s] looking around. The song come on, the other artist is onstage, starts singing the song, the whole building erupt. I’m talking about erupts. Everybody. Girls in our section, they going crazy,” he continued. “I look over to this person…not a smirk, not a head nod. Nothing.”

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