Common on Ice Cube Beef: ‘We Had a Little Confrontation and I Was Like, ‘Man, This Might Get Ugly’

“But ultimately because I felt good that we kept it just on wax,” he continued. “It was getting to that point with me and Cube, because they just was looking at me like, ‘Oh, Common just the backpack dude.’ But then we had a little confrontation in Atlanta and this was like ’95 where, and like I said, me and Cube, it is all love…now, but at that point it was like a little, we had a little confrontation and I was like, ‘Man, this might get ugly.’

“And thank God for Minister Farrakhan ‘cause at that time, Biggie had just passed, obviously [2Pac] passed before him and it was just like, man, you don’t know who going to do what, he continued”

Ice Cube had originally taken offense to Com’s analogy in “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” with the line, “I wasn’t salty she was with them Boyz N the Hood.” Cube later returned fire on Mack 10’s song, rapping, “All you suckas wanna diss the Pacific, but you busta n***as never get specific/Used to love H.E.R., mad ’cause we fucked her/Pussy-whipped bitch, with no Common Sense.”

Common shot back on “The Bitch in Yoo,” cautioning that he had no “busta” in him, and that Cube had “backed into a Four Corner Hustler.” He also deemed Cube to be a washed-up gangsta rapper whose last good album was Amerikkka’s Most Wanted. The beef was squashed with the help of Minister Louis Farrakhan, who arranged a sit-down with the two rappers.

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