Complex Announces Aria Hughes as Editor in Chief and Noah Callahan-Bever as Chief Content Officer

Per Complex CEO Aaron Levant, these appointments are part of a larger strategy that sees the company at large continuing to “push boundaries and redefine culture,” all while ensuring those who are contributing to this mission are rightly recognized for their respective roles.

“Aria Hughes has not only demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication since joining Complex in 2019 but has consistently elevated our editorial vision,” Levant said Tuesday. “From her role as deputy style editor to her impactful leadership as editorial creative director, Aria has continuously shaped the narrative of Complex. Today, I am thrilled to announce her promotion to Editor-in-Chief. I’ve known Aria for nearly a decade and appreciate her unique perspective, keen eye for cultural nuances, and unwavering commitment to storytelling, all which make her the perfect steward for Complex’s future. Her journey with us exemplifies our commitment to fostering talent and driving meaningful change in the industry.”

Announced in conjunction with these appointments is Complex’s acquisition of Idea Generation, a media company founded by Noah Callahan-Bever back in 2020. Helena Ochs, a partner in Idea Generation, will join Complex as Head Of Branded Content.

As Levant explained, bringing Noah back into the mix while also folding Idea Generation into the Complexverse will both prove pivotal in future growth.

“Noah’s creativity, vision, and commitment helped Complex become what it is and both he and IdeaGen will be invaluable as we embark on a new approach that channels our resources into the people and the content that will continue to push the company forward,” Levant added.

In his own statement, Noah, whose original run with Complex spanned from 2005 to 2017, looked back on his time with the company and the four years he’s spent building up Idea Generation, saying that “being reunited with old comrades, and inspired by new blood, has me consumed with desire to see Complex achieve new heights.” He also pointed to his initial mid-pandemic meeting with Aria, expressing admiration for her rise within the company over the past five years, writing, “I couldn’t be happier to promote Aria to Editor-In-Chief—for her, selfishly for myself, but, mostly, for Complex and its audience. Aria Hughes is the future and—as I wrote in an editor’s note a lifetime ago—the future always wins.”

And with Tuesday’s news, that future is indeed set in motion.

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