Coronation Street’s Lauren Bolton sleuths ‘work out’ secret family link between two characters

Coronation Street fans have pieced together a potential new family twist for missing Lauren Bolton after eagle eyed viewers spotted a clue during a recent behind the scenes video. As regular viewers will know, it’s been nearly two months since the teenager vanished from the cobbles and fans are convinced one character definitely ‘knows something’ about her disappearance.

Lauren, portrayed by Cait Fitton, had been acting suspiciously for several weeks prior to going missing, with the character hinting at a secret boyfriend who was lavishing her with jewellery and flowers. However, after being fired from her job at the cafe by Roy Cropper, she received a visit from an unknown individual and then disappeared without a trace.

Fans have been quick to share their theories about who is behind Lauren Bolton's disappearance
Fans have been quick to share their theories about who is behind Lauren Bolton’s disappearance

Her new friend and romantic interest Bobby Crawford was the one to realise she was missing, but his missing persons report wasn’t initially taken seriously. Sadly, the situation later took a sinister turn when blood was discovered in the flat she had been living in, prompting DS Lisa Swain to start investigating who might be responsible for Lauren’s disappearance.

Roy Cropper, played by David Neilson, quickly became DS Swain’s main suspect as he was the last person to see her alive and unwittingly incriminated himself after he decided to deep-clean Lauren’s flat in an attempt to help his friend Evelyn Plummer, who was subletting the flat to Lauren, avoid a hefty cleaning fee.

Roy has since been charged with Lauren’s murder and was denied bail earlier this week. In Wednesday night’s episode of Corrie (April 17), viewers saw a distraught Roy in his cell, refusing to eat or see visitors, leaving his niece Nina Lucas heartbroken, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Roy was sadly charged with Lauren's murder this week
Roy was sadly charged with Lauren’s murder this week

Meanwhile, Bobby’s lie about spotting an unknown man in Lauren’s flat when she disappeared continues to unravel. He faced further questioning from DS Swain, and his mention of a black puffer jacket led to Daniel Osbourne being questioned at the station again after he recently donated some items to a charity shop.

However, a recent behind-the-scenes video featuring actor Calum Lill, who plays lawyer Joel Deering, has reignited suspicions about the new solicitor’s potential involvement in Lauren’s disappearance, as his own brief exit mysteriously coincided with her vanishing.

In the video, Calum is seen heading to Bolton for on-location filming of Roy’s recent court appearance, joined by actresses Channique Sterling-Brown and Alison King, who play Dee-Dee Bailey and Carla Connor respectively. He later returned to the Salford-based Corrie set to prepare scripts with Channique.

Fans believe Joel Deering may have something to do with Lauren's disappearance
Fans believe Joel Deering may have something to do with Lauren’s disappearance

However, in the comments section of the post on Corrie’s Instagram, fans shared their suspicions that Joel may be involved. One fan wrote: “He knows something about Laurens disappearance.”

Another commented: “He’s up to no good, isn’t he? ” A third added: “What did you do with Lauren mister.”

A third fan then shared: “I’m convinced he’s behind Lauren’s disappearance. She has the same necklace as Dee Dee …..hmmm bit of a coincidence.”

Meanwhile, Corrie viewers also think a twist could be on the cards after it was rumoured Bethany Platt’s former groomer Nathan Curtis was headed back to Weatherfield. One user asked: “Is Joel Nathan’s brother? #corrie.”

Fans believe Joel could be connected to former soap villain Nathan Curtis
Fans believe Joel could be connected to former soap villain Nathan Curtis

Another fan also echoed the same thought adding: “And Joel is Nathan’s brother.”

As long time fans may recall, Nathan Curtis was the sinister and exploitative ex-fiancé of Bethany Platt who starred in the ITV soap from 2016 to 2018. During his time on the show, Nathan was part of a gang involved in grooming young girls in order to be pimped – something which later led to teenage Bethany sadly being sexually assaulted.

Nathan was later arrested and sent to prison for his part in the crimes, but could his potential return have something to do with Lauren’s absence?

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