Damian Lillard’s Ex-Wife Responds to ‘Sister Wife’ GloRilla’s DUI Arrest: ‘Free GloLillard’

On Tuesday, GloRilla was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Georgia. According to the police report, she was pulled over at around 4 a.m. after making a U-turn at a red light. Officers said they smelled weed and alcohol in her car.

She reportedly confessed to drinking before operating her vehicle, though she wouldn’t share how much she drank and maintained that she was still able to drive. She subsequently didn’t pass a field sobriety test and allegedly refused the breathalyzer test.

She was taken into custody and later released on bond, after being charged with consumption of alcohol or possession of an opened alcoholic beverage container.

View news Source: https://www.complex.com/sports/a/cmplxtara-mahadevan/damian-lillard-ex-wife-glorilla-dui-arrest

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