Donald Glover Previews Ye and Kid Cudi Collabs Following Final Albums Announcement

“Kid Cudi, if you got a problem, like, I’m not here for the beef,” Glover shared on GILGA Radio earlier this month. “Just like, talk to me. … ‘Cause it’s like we don’t have to agree on everything but we also don’t have to be like, ‘When I see you, we have to wanna kill each other. … Man, life is too short.”

Glover’s comments came after Cudi shut down the possibility of a collaboration when a fan asked him to work with Glover on anything, whether it’s TV, movies, or music. “I’m cool,” Cudi replied.

On the first GILGA Radio show of the month, Glover indicated that he’s got just two more Childish Gambino albums planned, including the remixed version of his 2020 album 3.15.20. “We’re releasing Atavista, but after that, there’s the final Childish Gambino album, a soundtrack for the fans,” he teased. The other album is tentatively titled Bando Stone & The New World.

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