Drake Drops Second Diss Track Aimed at Kendrick Lamar Featuring Apparent AI Verses From 2Pac and Snoop Dogg

The track, which was posted to Drake’s Instagram account, sees the Toronto artist rapping about Kendrick’s lack of a response:

High up in the sky like I’m Howard Hughes The first one really only took me an hour or two
The next one is really ’bout to bring out the coward in you
But now we gotta wait a fucking week ’cause Taylor Swift is the your new Top
And if you ’bout to drop, she gotta approve
This girl really ’bout to make you act like you not in a feud She Taylor made your schedule with Ant, you outta the loop Hate all you corporate industry puppets I’m not in the mood I love it when you n***as talk loose like I’m not in the room Since “Like That” your tone changed a little, you not as enthused How are you not in the booth?

Drizzy continues:

I guess you need another week to figure out how to improve
What the fuck is taking so long? We waiting on you
The rest of y’all are definitely involved, y’all getting it too
Soon as you get the courage to drop, I’m out on the loose

Take a listen to Drake’s new diss track below.

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