Emmerdale exit for beloved character after 37 years as fans ‘work out’ murder twist

Emmerdale fans claim to have worked out an upcoming character exit, believing one fan favourite could be murdered. Things came to a head between Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) and Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) in recent episodes, leading viewers to wonder if things could turn nasty between the pair.

Tension betwen Eric and Jai has been mounting after Eric blackmailed Jai into firing Victoria Sugden (Isobel Hodgins). In Monday’s episode, Eric and Jai got into a heated exchange in The Hop and didn’t hold back. Jai eventually threatened Eric – leaving fans wondering if his words were a hint about what’s to come.

Is Jai in trouble?
Jai has threatened Eric

“Look, I am grateful for all your help with Amit but this is taking liberties,” Jai raged as Eric hit back: “You are in no position to negotiate, old chap.”

Jai replied: “I don’t need to negotiate, you know what I can do when people cross me, Eric,” who responded: “You’re threatening me? What are you going to do? Dispatch me down the stairs?”

Emmerdale fans took to X to share their thoughts on the argument as many believe Jai may be planning to kill Eric.

Could Eric Pollard be in trouble?

“And now old Ezza lining himself up for a murder exit. #Emmerdale,” one fan wrote. A second penned: “I was liking this side of Eric at the start. Now the way he’s demanding the whole menu from Jai he’s becoming a proper villain #Emmerdale.”

A third said: “Eric loving blackmail games.” A fourth wrote: “Not keen on Jai but he really will go up in my estimation if he can come up with a plan to put Eric in his place and wipe that smug smile off his face! #Emmerdale.”

A fifth person commented: “Someone needs to chuck Eric down the stairs, back to his old tricks #emmerdale.”

Eric isn’t the only character who fans think could be killed off soon, as many are hoping Tom King’s (James Chase) downfall is just around the corner. Tom has been manipulating and controlling his new wife Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) behind closed doors after marrying earlier this year.

Tom King
Fans are hoping for Tom King to soon be caught out

His abusive ways have even led to him violently attacking Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson). Fans are now hoping Vinny’s mum Mandy (Lisa Riley) will find out Tom was the one to put her son in the hospital and take matters into her own hands.

Taking to X, fans predicted Mandy could ‘kill’ Tom upon finding out how he’s attack Vinny. One person said: “Watch out Tom! Mandy will physically kill you when she finds out the truth”. A second fan added: “Mandy will rip Tom apart when this all comes out!”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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