Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Rose’s plan as they predict major death on soap

Emmerdale fans are predicting a shocking death twist in an upcoming revenge plot. Viewers will remember that the new character, Rose, made her first appearance on Thursday night (April 25), with her true connection and secret quickly unveiled. During the episode, Will Taylor didn’t mention her to his wife Kim Tate, raising questions about his secretive behaviour.

However, the truth was soon revealed to viewers when Will showed up at the hospital asking to see someone, only to be led into a room where Rose was waiting. Nursing an injury to her arm or wrist, Rose taunted Will, making it clear this was their first meeting in decades.

As they discussed her disappearance years ago, Will disclosed that Rose was the mother of his daughter Dawn Taylor. Rose confessed that she and Will had been married, and it was evident she’d abandoned them when Dawn was still a baby, or possibly a toddler.

Rose quickly made an enemy of Kim Tate when she arrived in Emmerdale this week
Rose quickly made an enemy of Kim Tate when she arrived in Emmerdale this week

Will asserted that they meant nothing to each other and he had no desire to see her again, leaving the room and Rose behind, reports the Mirror. However, Rose reappeared on Monday night when she turned up at Home Farm, insisting that Kim let her speak to Dawn.

Ultimately, it was an intense meet-up for Dawn and Rose, with the reunion leaving Rose frustrated as Dawn insisted on having Kim present. Although Rose tried her best to reconcile with her long-lost daughter, Dawn stood firm, refusing any chance of a relationship.

Out of concern for her family’s well-being, Kim privately extended a £2,000 offer to Rose packing her off back to Spain and ensuring she never steps foot in Emmerdale again. Despite sweetening the deal to £3,000, Rose didn’t flinch until Kim shared that other less appealing alternatives could be arranged. With these stark choices before her, a reluctant Rose agreed, making her exit from Home Farm appear definite.

Unwilling to be bested, many fans believe Kim could resort to violent revenge
Unwilling to be bested, many fans believe Kim could resort to violent revenge

Tuesdays episode then kicked off with Will and Dawn discussing Rose’s sudden disappearance, with Will making a comparison to the tornado in The Wizard of Oz always coming in, wreaking havoc, and then vanishing. However, what really caught viewers’ attention was a comment made by beloved village resident Kim: “Ding-dong! The witch is dead or at least back in Benidorm! ”

Jumping onto social media fans began speculating that Rose may be after more than just a simple cash handout, as one said: ” Dawn’s mum won’t be happy until she has cleaned that safe out #Emmerdale”, a different account put: “Oh rose..: guaranteed money will be the motivation when you are the saviour they need for Evan #Emmerdale” .

A third fan then echoed the sentiment adding: “Give Dawn’s mum money and she will come back for more over and over again.”

However, not everyone was so convinced, as several fans were adamant Kim had already foreshadowed a plot to murder Rose in an unexpected revenge filled storyline – especially after the thrilling twist presented during the remainder of the episode. As the episode got underway, Rose made quite an entrance, showing up at The Woolpack and striking up a friendship with Kerry Wyatt.

Billy, Dawn, Will, and Kim were all taken by surprise as Rose declared that Kim had tried to pay her off to leave the village. This left Dawn feeling betrayed and disappointed. Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Will was irked at Kim for trying to quietly bribe Rose into leaving.

Rose looks set to upend several lives in the village, including her ex Will Taylor's
Rose looks set to upend several lives in the village, including her ex Will Taylor’s

In another twist of events, Dawn invited her mother, Rose, to stay with them until her arm healed. Yet as the episode concluded, both Rose and Kim exchanged bitter words during a showdown, with Rose warning Kim: “You don’t like losing, do you Kim? But you lost today and if you come at me again, you’ll lose again. Here’s to letting a fox into your lovely little hen house! ”

Given Kim’s earlier remarks, it seems she might head down a murderous path to guard her family and Home Farm from Rose. Emmerdale fans seem convinced of this outcome, with one fan tweeting: “#Emmerdale when Rose double crosses Kim it’ll be a case of…..”

A second fan cleverly added: “Watch it Dawn’s mum Kim has a horse that will kick you #emmerdale”, while another confidently wrote: “Kim will destroy you #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale continues Monday to Friday at 7:30pm on ITV and ITVX

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