Everything You Need to Know About Tommy Richman

Spring has finally sprung, and Tommy Richman already has a contender for Song of the Summer on his hands with “Million Dollar Baby.”

The song is blowing up at a very fast pace, but before any misguided “industry plant” allegations start flowing, let’s set the record straight: Tommy Richman did not pop up out of nowhere. The Virginia-born singer is having a moment right now thanks to the spontaneous combustion of “Million Dollar Baby,” but he’s been making music for a while now, with some of his earliest songs on SoundCloud and Spotify dating back to 2016

Richman has released songs that range from R&B to punk rock over the past few years, ultimately catching the attention of Brent Faiyaz, who signed him and took him on the road last year.) He’s been steadily picking up buzz ever since, earning a spot on Complex’s R&B Artists to Watch list in January, and now he’s rising even faster with his most electric song so far: “Million Dollar Baby.” If you’re just now finding out about him, here’s a crash course on everything you need to know about Tommy Richman.

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