Fans baffled as grumpy TV star, 64, named UK’s sexiest man – ‘How on earth did he win?’

Jeremy Clarkson has once again been crowned the UK’s “sexiest man”, clinching the title for the second consecutive year after a survey of 2,000 people – and the result has divided the internet. At 64, the television icon, famed for his stints on Top Gear and The Grand Tour, is now captivating audiences with his agricultural adventures in the hit docuseries Clarkson’s Farm, which recently launched its third season.

Hot on the heels of the show’s latest release, it’s been revealed that Jeremy has retained his “sexiest man” status in the annual poll by IllicitEncounters, self-described as the “leading married-dating website”. The journalist also topped this very poll last year.

This week saw the unveiling of the results, with the dating site’s poll reportedly being “voted by 2,000 of its female members”. The survey asks participants to evaluate a roster of 50 “most famous, culturally relevant names” from the past year, scoring them on a scale of sex appeal from least to most “sexy”, with each contender rated between 1 and 10, where 10 signifies peak “sexiness”.

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson has been voted as the UK’s sexiest man according to website IllicitEncounters

Jeremy reportedly notched up a score of nine out of ten in the poll, marking an uptick from his previous year’s score, where he was reported to have achieved an 8 out of 10, reports the Mirror.

Fans took to social media to give their thoughts on the results, with some considering the controversial pick “alarming”. One wrote: “#JeremyClarkson being elected ‘sexiest man’ speaks volumes about the lectorate as a whole, on the broader spectrum. Quite alarming in its way.”

Another wrote: “British women, what sexy feature do you find in the multi millionaire Jeremy Clarkson?” While others wrote on Twitter: “Was there one voter? Was it Jeremy Clarkson?” and “How on earth did Jeremy Clarkson win?”

Others revealed their own crush on Jeremy to the internet, with one fan defending the result: “Jeremy Clarkson is just so funny it makes him sexy. Also on the plus side he owns a farm! The beautiful Lisa and him make a great couple!” referring to Jeremy’s girlfriend Lisa Hogan.

Jeremy Clarkson with his girlfriend Lisa Hogan - who also stars in Clarkson's Farm
Jeremy Clarkson with his girlfriend Lisa Hogan – who also stars in Clarkson’s Farm

Another wrote: “@JeremyClarkson being named UK’s sexiest man for the second year is the type of democracy I really like. Congratulations to our beloved Jezza.”

He’s followed in the poll by Tom Holland, the 27 year old heartthrob famed for his Spider-Man antics in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who snagged second place with eight points. Meanwhile, Prince William, at 41, has reportedly climbed the ranks since last year, securing a respectable third place in the latest line-up.

Football aficionado Gareth Southgate, aged 53 and the brains behind England’s national team, scored fourth in the recent survey. Cillian Murphy, the 47 year old Oppenheimer star with those piercing blue eyes, gracefully took fifth place.

The suave Idris Elba, 51, known for his role in Luther, alongside comedian Romesh Ranganathan, 46, reality TV favourite Sam Thompson, 31, from Made in Chelsea, and ‘the Hardest Geezer’ Russ Cook, 27, all made their mark in the subsequent spots. Wrapping up the top ten, This Morning’s very own Dermot O’Leary, who’s just hit the big 5-0, charmed his way into the final spot.

Further down the pecking order were former rugby hunk Mike Tindall, 45, and Hollywood’s charming Ryan Reynolds, also 47. Not to be overlooked, journalist Piers Morgan, 59, and Prince Harry, 39, found themselves lower down the list.

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