Four in a Bed owner sparks backlash from fans after refusing ‘insulting’ underpayment

A recent episode of Four in a Bed took a rather dramatic turn when one hotel owner refused to accept an “insulting” underpayment.

After visiting each other’s hotels and guest houses, the show’s stars gathered to discuss the scores they received for their establishments. Each guest also revealed just how much they would have paid for their stay. However, some of the scores and criticism didn’t sit well with some of the hotel owners

Ash and Rosie, proprietors of The Lazy Pug, were up first, and while they took some of the feedback on board, they disagreed with most of it.

Four in a Bed
Four in a Bed took a dramatic turn when Phil refused to accept a co-stars ‘underpayment’

Lorraine and Kate, who manage The Crofts Hotel in Cardiff, also felt aggrieved after receiving a significant underpayment of £69.50, reports the Express. Phil, the owner of glamping site The Pretty Thing was also left upset following an underpayment.

Phil received an underpayment from all three of his guests, but it was Lorraine’s underpayment of £31.75 that really riled him. Before revealing their payments, Phil told Lorraine and Kate he was “offended” by their critique of his facilities.

To which Kate retorted: “I don’t mean to offend you, Phil but it wasn’t what we were expecting.” Phil then labelled Lorraine’s underpayment as “insulting.”

Four in Bed
Viewers were quick to share their thoughts on social media

Lorraine justified their underpayment of £31.75, saying: “We didn’t feel it was value for money and the breakfast was chaotic.” Phil hit back with: “I think you’ve misunderstood what it’s all about and I think the payment is quite insulting.”

He then attempted to return Lorraine and Kate’s money to them, suggesting they use it for a hotel room. Lorraine responded: “Sorry you feel that way, Phil,” while Phil later stated: “I refused their payment because I am proud of the products and I am proud of what we offer.”

The episode sparked debate debate on social media, with some viewers taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to criticise Lorraine’s feedback. One wrote: “Wow I truly dislike Lorraine, she is spiteful #fourinabed.”

Four in a Bed
Things got rather heated when the hotel owners came face-to-face

“Yes Kate and Lorraine there’s something you can do, be more pleasant and accept constructive criticism #fourinabed,” added another, while other viewers shared that they supported Phil’s decision to refuse the payment.

“Good on you Phil. Tell her to stick her money. #fourinabed,” penned one supportive fan. And a second added: “Love it when someone refuses a payment on #FourInABed.”

While a third joined those hitting out at Lorraine, writing: “Oh, dear. Lorraine is a bit delusional. Soulless, pokey rooms. Animals all over the breakfast tables. Premier Inn prob cheaper and more spacious. Reality check, love.”

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