Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Márquez’s shock wedding update as they put plans on pause

He’s a sequin-spangled dancer on Strictly and she’s a charismatic actress-turned-DJ, but for Gorka Márquez and Gemma Atkinson it’s never about the glamour.

The loved-up pair are back with their reality show Gemma And Gorka: Life Behind The Lens, which brings the all-too-real adventures of their “Spancunian” household to their fans.

And while it features their celebrity lifestyles at fashion shoots, awards ceremonies and TV appearances, it never pulls away from the domestic reality of having two young children and two bouncy dogs.

“There is more poop in this one!” laughs Gemma. “That’s what new mums need to see. I would hate as a new mum to sit and watch this family looking pristine with the house spotless and everything in its place. I’d be thinking, ‘Oh b****r off! That’s not normal.’ We’ve kind of stuck to the same rules as we had for series one in that we don’t want any glam team, we don’t want any hair and make-up and or any lighting. We just want it natural, raw and honest.”

Gemma and Gorka returns for a new series of Life Behind the Lens
Gemma and Gorka return for a new series of Life Behind the Lens

Like most modern mums, Gemma’s maternity leave has been frantic. While she’s taken nine months away from her DJ job, she’s still written a children’s book, embarked on a new fitness regime and filmed two series of her reality show.

“For someone who’s supposed to be on maternity leave doing nothing, I’ve done pretty much everything under the sun,” laughs Gemma.

On top of that, Gorka has been working away on Strictly Come Dancing and the Spanish version of the show, Dancing With The Stars, where he sits on the judging panel.

“It’s fun to be working in Spain,” says Gorka. “This is my first TV job in Spain. It’s nice to be judging. I feel like Anton Du Beke because I know how it feels to be in that situation. I try to help them and be encouraging. The last thing you need is someone telling you how bad you are if they don’t tell you anything positive.”

Gorka has been away in Spain to film for their version of Strictly Come Dancing
Gorka has been away in Spain to film for their version of Strictly Come Dancing

Gemma jokes that Gorka’s judging is just like his parenting – “firm but fair”. Gemma, 39, and Gorka, 33 – along with their children Mia, four, and Thiago, nine months – all live in Manchester, but are currently buying a second home in Spain, while little Mia is enjoying learning the language.

“We want to get somewhere so that we always have a home from home,” says Gemma. “It would help me with my and their Spanish, and Gorka’s parents could drive down. It’s something we’re hoping to do by the end of this year.” Gemma has loved her maternity leave, especially “watching trashy daytime TV in my pyjamas with Thiago”, but she’s been grateful to be able to dip in and out of work, especially when the work has been a photoshoot and involved a little bit of hair, make-up and pampering.

“My beauty sleep’s gone,” grins Gemma. “I love a bath and since Thiago’s come I think I’ve maybe had three baths. It’s kind of nice to think, ‘Oh, this is what I used to do!’ I know I don’t look like that 24/7, but it’s a nice reminder. Then it’s always nice to come home and take it off and get into bed.”

Gemma with her trainer, 'Evil' Steve at the gym
Gemma with her trainer, ‘Evil’ Steve at the gym

One of the themes of the reality show is Gemma recovering her health and fitness after having baby Thiago. She’s always been open and honest about her body and says that age has helped her gain confidence. Now she’s determined to raise her children to be positive about their bodies and to embrace health and fitness. 

“It’s come with age,” says Gemma. “Once I turned 30, I got a lot more confident. I’m so grateful we didn’t grow up with social media when I was a teenager. I’ve got a family of very body-positive women. We’re all different shapes and sizes.

“Growing up in our house we always used to have vegetables with every single meal apart from a weekend when Friday night was a chippy tea and on Saturday we would go out. When we went on holiday with my mum or my auntie, none of them were ever ashamed of being in a bikini and I think that subconsciously rubbed off on me.”

During her pregnancy with Thiago, Gemma did have a wobble about her cellulite on a beach holiday in Tenerife until Gorka reassured her. After that, Gemma decided to embrace the moment and set a good example to Mia.

Gemma's determined to send a positive message about body confidence to her daughter
Gemma’s determined to send a positive message about body confidence to her daughter

“I was pregnant and it was the last holiday before Thiago was born and I bought some trousers to wear on the beach because I had a lot of cellulite in my pregnancy,” recalls Gemma. “I said to Gorka, ‘I don’t want to be on the beach like this,’ and he was like, ‘You’re pregnant!’ And then I thought, ‘I don’t want Mia to turn around and say, ‘Mum, why are you wearing trousers on the beach?’ I’m not doing that to her at all.

“So I just took them off and I went in the sea in my bikini. I looked like a whale because I was so big. But I thought how amazing that I’m in the ocean with a baby in my belly, my little girl in my arms, the love of my life on the beach, prepping food for us.”

Gemma puts work into staying fit and strong and that’s the message she wants to pass on to Mia who already loves being in the gym.

“If you’re taking care of your body, it’s hard to feel bad about it,” says Gemma. “And I do take care of my body as in choosing to eat well, staying hydrated and I move most days. You know I’m not starving my body, I’m not pushing it in the gym too hard… you don’t feel bad about yourself when you’re doing small things each day to make yourself feel good.”

Gemma has also been working hard presenting Radio 5 Live
Gemma has also been working hard presenting Radio 5 Live

Mia turns five in July and Thiago will be turning one the same month and Gemma admits she misses having a newborn but feels their family is complete.

“God no, we don’t want more kids than we’ve got hands,” laughs Gemma. “You need to be able to grab them. We always wanted two and we’ve been blessed with two, a boy and a girl. Although I do miss the newborn phase already – you know when you pick them up and they curl into a little prawn? I do miss that a little bit but then I don’t miss being woken up every one and a half hours!”

Gemma and Gorka have been engaged since 2021 but they have yet to set a date for the wedding and have decided to push it back until Thiago can be involved.

Gemma and Gorka are postponing their wedding plans for when Thiago is older
Gemma and Gorka are postponing their wedding plans for when Thiago is older

“We’d like Thiago to be involved now so we’re going to have to wait another year or so,” says Gemma. “When we first got engaged we said we’ll get Mia walking down the aisle and then Thiago came along… and there’s no time!”

The pair have considered having a quiet wedding but fear their parents would be upset. “We were toying with just going to a registry office and then having a big party after,” says Gemma. “But I think my mum would like to see me walk down the aisle so no plans yet but one day it will happen.”

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