Get a Big Mac and fries for £2.99 every time with this easy McDonald’s hack

McDonald’s foodies can get a Big Mac and fries for just £2.99 every time thanks to a popular deal.

To get the offer, all you have to do is purchase something from McDonald’s and fill out a survey online using a 12-digit code at the bottom of your receipt.

Once complete, you’ll be given a five-digit code to redeem your £2.99 Big Mac and fries. The offer can also be used to claim a Filet-O-Fish, McChicken Sandwich, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, six McNuggets or the McPlant.

With each, you get the choice of a medium fries or a side salad. The deal used to cost £1.99, but McDonald’s upped the price in November last year. But despite the price rise, McDonald’s fans are still saving money through the savvy hack.

The Mirror reports that while prices vary depending on locations, a Big Mac alone will set you back a minimum of £4.59. It comes after McDonald’s recently launched a new menu featuring the Chicken Big Mac, Biscoff McFlurry, Galaxy McFlurry, Galaxy Caramel Pie, Biscoff Frappe, Cheese and Herb Melts and the Quarter Pounder Deluxe.

McDonald’s also recently made some massive changes to burgers for the first time in 50 years, citing how the beef patties have a tighter sear on the grill, resulting in ‘hotter and juicier’ patties. Staff also use lettuce straight from the fridge for an ‘extra snap, crunch and clean taste’, and ‘buttery’ brioche-style buns.

View news Source: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/big-mac-fries-299-every-29037869

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