Gillie Da Kid Deems Kendrick’s Drake Diss ‘Corn on the Cob’ and Says ‘Light Skin N***as Is Winning’ the Rap Wars

The 40-year-old thinks Drake is winning against K.Dot, and also mentioned Chris Brown, who’s currently beefing with Quavo—and who Gillie puts on top, as well.

“You know what’s crazy, man? The light skin n***as is winning, man, three to nothing, man. Fucking Drake up two to nothing. Motherfucking Chris Brown up one to nothing. … Light skin n***as just think they run the world, man. You dark skin n***as better step your game up, man, for real,” he continued.

His caption echoes the sentiment, reading, “I’m tired of these Liteskin N!$$az they think they run the world 😂😂💀💀.”

It’s clear not everyone agrees with Gillie.

Metro Boomin and Jay Rock backed Lamar’s play. Metro dropped off a flurry of laugh-crying emojis and a GIF referencing Drake’s “Metro shut your ho ass up and make some drums” bar from “Push Ups”:

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