Gunna on Whether Rap Wars Made Him Consider Album Delay: ‘I Don’t Even Really See Other Sh*t That’s Going on’

From there, the escalator-riding paparazzo made a mention of “all the drama” that’s consumed rap-related news as of late, asking if he ever considered delaying his One of Wun rollout in response to said drama’s conversation-dominating presence. Gunna gave a brief but insightful answer, revealingly pointing out that he’s in his own world when it comes to his art.

“I don’t even really see other shit that’s going on,” Gunna, who also said he’s been “busy as fuck,” explained. “It’s hard to see it.”

Though not specifically mentioned in the TMZ clip, it’s clear that the “drama” being referenced here is the wave of disses, sometimes collectively referred to as the “rap wars” of 2024, that have received extensive coverage in recent months. While several other artists have gotten into and/or revived their own feuds as of late, the bulk of the attention, understandably, has been placed on the historic back-and-forth between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. In fact, the latter actually mentions Gunna on his six-minute 6 God diss “euphoria,” the full lyrics for which can be found here.

The next stop on Gunna’s Bittersweet Tour is set for the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on May 18. The tour also has upcoming stops slated for Houston, Nashville, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, and more.

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