I tried Geordie Banger Co. in the Grainger Market and I loved its selection of meaty lunch options

As I continued my visits to businesses in the Grainger Market, I decided to head to somewhere that is quintessentially Geordie and always smells amazing when I walk past, Geordie Banger Co.

Found in alley four of the market, Geordie Banger Co. is a family owned business that was founded by David Macdonald, with help from his dad Vin, over 10 years ago, with a move to the Grainger Market coming in 2017.

Vin and his dad were both butchers and have been making sausages since the 1970s, and David wanted to follow in their footsteps while creating a brand of his own, with Geordie Banger Co. being the result. I decided to have a chat with Vin before sitting down to enjoy some of their food for myself.

Vin Macdonald said: “The great thing about Geordie Banger Co. is that we have three generations of recipes all coming together, and it is a real family affair, with my eldest son Paul working on all of our branding and media. We now have two factories, with the first opening on the Fish Quay in North Shields after two years, but we needed another one just for making our sausage rolls given how popular they have been.

“The reasons for us being based in the Grainger Market are that we wanted to have a presence in Newcastle city centre but do it in a way that is cost effective. The Grainger Market is ideal for this and we were so confident that we rented four units, which gives us a separate area for each part.

A Sausage Roll from Geordie Banger Co. in the Grainger Market.
A Sausage Roll from Geordie Banger Co. in the Grainger Market.

“I think that the nine million pound restoration will absolutely be a positive for the Grainger Market and the businesses in it, as things like music events will bring in a whole new demographic of customer. This should redevelopment should turn the Grainger Market into a destination and hopefully that will create a really good vibe in the building.”

So, it was now time to dig into a Geordie Banger Co. selection, with a mix of their products, which I got on recommendation from Vin. The first thing that I tried was the classic Geordie Banger Sausage, which comes on a stick, and it was very good, cooked to perfection and succulent to the point where it almost melts in your mouth.

Then I tried the first of two Sausage Rolls, which was filled with Cumberland sausage and topped with a generous amount of black pepper. This was gorgeous and there was a great amount of meat compared to the pastry, so I was very pleased.

The second Sausage Roll I had contained pork and black pudding, which was once again very tasty. Before trying this, I wasn’t sure if the black pudding would be overpowering but it was the perfect accompaniment to the tasty pork.

Finally, I tried one of Geordie Banger Co.’s Pork Pies, which was brilliant once again, with a great amount of meat in the pie. I am not usually the biggest fan of a Pork Pie but this one was very good, and I’d be sure to recommend that alongside all of the other products I tried.

As I was leaving the Grainger Market, I once again pondered the fact that this place which is already hugely popular to the people of Newcastle will be even better after the nine million pound redevelopment. Whatever happens, I will continue to visit the Grainger Market for my weekly lunchtime treats.

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