Ice Spice Hops on Remix to Cash Cobain and Bay Swag’s Song of the Summer Contender “Fisherrr”

The Song of the Summer debate heats up quite palpably with today’s arrival of the “Fisherrr” remix featuring Ice Spice.

On the new remix, available here, the Grammy-nominated Bronx rapper keeps her momentum going with an expectedly show-stealing cameo. In the song’s second verse, Ice touts the proven benefits of eating one’s oats and veggies, like so:

And my ass fat ’cause I eat my oats and my vegetables
And my pussy fat, and it’s creamy, ooh, tastes like Danimals
I’m a baddie so I know them other bitches ain’t impressin’ you
And I been a baddie since a youngin, n***a, this ain’t nothin’ new

Cash Cobain and Bay Swag’s original “Fisherrr” arrived back in February, eventually becoming an undeniable hit and spawning an ubiquitous dance trend. Earlier this month, Cobain spoke with Jordan Rose for Complex about the track’s success, which he attributes, at least in part, to a commitment to “fun” while in the studio.

View news Source: https://www.complex.com/music/a/tracewilliamcowen/ice-spice-fisherrr-remix

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