Inside Newcastle’s revamped Turkish Baths – and how they looked before

See city’s historic Turkish Baths following major restoration work – followed by a reminder of how they used to be!

The combination of old and new proves a winning combination in Newcastle’s Turkish Baths, now back in action following a lengthy and painstaking restoration.

The reopening of the 1927 facilities – which are among just seven historic Turkish baths in operation in the UK – is great news for the city and these images show how they have been returned to their former glory. Situated in the basement of The City Baths in Northumberland Road, the Turkish Baths, which are now run by Fusion Lifestyle, had been closed for many years before their inclusion in an ambitious multi-million-pound restoration of the whole site.

The revamp has preserved original features of the wood-panelled treatment rooms, which are accompanied by private areas and a dip-pool, while ensuring the facilities meet modern-day standards and now returning customers are in for a treat. Following an £8m investment, they will see the likes of its iconic glass dome back at its best while new mood lighting enhances the overall ambience.

The Turkish Baths offer a traditional, dry heat experience whose benefits are said to include eased muscles and improved circulation. In May, a new spa is due to open and traditional Turkish massages will be added to the treatment programme too.

The reopening follows that of the City Pool itself which welcomed back visitors in January 2020, revealing its own new additions including a sauna, fitness studios and a gym.

Here are some images of the new-look Turkish Baths – and a reminder of the state they were in beforehand. For booking information see here.

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