Inside the life of This Town’s Dante star Levi Brown – from working at Asda to acrobatic talent

In BBC One’s newest drama This Town, Levi Brown shines as Dante Williams, a character whose quest for musical inspiration takes him on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of the music scene.

Unlike his usual reserved self, Dante embarks on an unforgettable afternoon filled with cannabis, alcohol, and even his first sexual encounter, all in the hopes of unlocking the depths of his artistic potential. Levi explains: “Dante is always seeking out that spark of inspiration. He perceives things differently from others. And as that intensity grows, so does the music!”

Written by the same mind behind Peaky Blinders, the Steven Knight series unfolds against the backdrop of a vibrant yet tumultuous music scene, weaving together the lives of an extended family and four young people. Set against the backdrop of Coventry, Belfast, and Birmingham, the series kicks off with scenes of rioting, setting the stage for a gripping tale of creativity blossoming amidst chaos.

Levi Brown is starring as Dante Williams in BBC One's This Town
Levi Brown is starring as Dante Williams in BBC One’s This Town

Levi Brown’s portrayal of Dante Williams has garnered widespread acclaim, marking a breakthrough moment for the talented actor. Hailing from Halesowen in the West Midlands, Levi attended Windsor High School before he ventured to London to pursue his acting aspirations.

Growing up with his mum working as a carer and his dad a counsellor, it took Levi a while to consider acting as a career. Speaking to the Radio Times , he explained: “It’s precarious and terrifying! Especially being working class and having nothing to fall back on, apart from moving back in with Mum and going back to work in Asda.”

A graduate of the esteemed Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2021, Levi’s talent has been showcased in various productions, including Channel 4’s comedy series I Hate You and Apple TV+’s Invasion. He also played Jason Perry in ITV thriller series Payback in 2023.

It took Levi a while to consider acting as a career
It took Levi a while to consider acting as a career

Reflecting on his audition process for This Town, Levi, 28, shared in the interview: “Normally, when you get a script, you’re looking at [what would be] all your bits,

“But I read the whole thing from an objective perspective. [And] it struck me how Steven had created this whole world. His writing is so rich, you just fall into it.”

He then auditioned in London and was called in again the following week for a day of chemistry reads with fellow actors Ben Rose and Eve Austin. He added: “Then three weeks after that, I got the role. It was very quick.”

Levi grew up in the West Midlands
Levi grew up in the West Midlands

Drawing from his roots in the West Midlands, Levi brings a personal touch to the character of Dante. He confessed: “Filming around Birmingham, we’d go past places and I’d be like: ‘Oh, that’s where that girl broke up with me!'”

He also was able to lend his musical talents to the series, playing the ukulele and learning to play the guitar for the role. His skills listed on his former school’s website include: “Strong singer (bass); very good ear for accents; show dance; stage combat; acrobatics.”

He admits: “When you read it out loud, it sounds absolute b****cks. But I promise, I could pass all of those. Even the acrobatics.”

This Town is on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday, 21 April

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