Inside The Yorkshire Vet’s Peter Wright’s enduring 40 year marriage with wife Lin

Fans of The Yorkshire Vet can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Peter Wright is still gracing their screens with his presence, despite bidding farewell to Skeldale Veterinary Centre. The beloved Channel 5 show, which began in 2015, continues to follow him as he cares for ailing animals and shares his veterinary wisdom with the audience.

But it’s not just his professional life that has viewers curious; they’re also keen to delve into the details of his personal life.

Peter has been happily married to his wife Lin for an impressive 38 years, and together they have raised two children, reports the Express.

Peter is happily married to wife Lin
Peter is happily married to wife Lin

Lin has been a pillar of support throughout most of his career and remains by his side as he enjoys fame on The Yorkshire Vet.

Their romance began in 1984 when they crossed paths at a party. However, Peter’s choice for a first date was far from what Lin had anticipated.

In a candid chat with the Mirror, Lin recounted: “We met at a joint work do, where my dentist’s office mixed with the local vet’s on the same street.

“There was a spark straight away but, oddly for our first date, he took me to an abattoir. An old cow who couldn’t be used for meat was being slaughtered.

Their romance began in 1984
Their romance began in 1984

“Peter wanted to observe and work out what was wrong with the cow. I waited for him outside. It didn’t get much better as it went on, really! “.

Remarkably, just six weeks after their unconventional first date, Peter and Lin decided to move in together.

The couple welcomed their first child, Emily, before tying the knot and later had their second child, Andrew.

Lin has been by Peter's side for most of his career
Lin has been by Peter’s side for most of his career

Before her retirement, Lin used to work alongside Peter as a receptionist at Skeldale, always ready to answer emergency calls. Despite understanding the pressures of her husband’s job, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the family.

Lin opened up about how Christmas Day was often “tricky” for them, particularly when the children were young. She revealed: “Peter used to let the younger vets who weren’t married go home to their families so it was him who would work.

“It was a problem because when the children were smaller and they’d start opening presents, a call would come in and he very urgently had to go, they used to have to put the unwrapping on hold until he got back.”

The Yorkshire Vet airs on Tuesday on Channel 5 at 8pm

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