ITV Britain’s Got Talent fans ‘uncover’ real identity of The Dark Hero after impressing all four judges

Britain’s Got Talent viewers think they’ve figured out the true identity of The Dark Hero after his show-stopping performance. The mystery man, who hasn’t yet revealed his real name, wowed judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and Bruno Tonioli with his rendition of Defying Gravity, all while suspended in mid-air dressed as Batman.

The panel was blown away by his act, and fans were equally impressed. One viewer tweeted: “i’ve just seen batman singing defying gravity with a good voice whilst flying what the actual f*** #BGT,” while another posted: “#BGT Was not expecting that! I want Batman to win! .”

A third commented: “He’s singing opera but why’s he dressed in a batman outfit?”.

Fans think they've worked out the act's true identity
Fans think they’ve worked out the act’s true identity

Presenters Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly were also big fans of the performance, with Dec even rushing onto the stage when The Dark Hero was finished to ask if he had Robin with him.

Fans were then buzzing with theories about The Dark Hero’s true identity after his performance on Britain’s Got Talent, with one viewer tweeting: “Guessing Batman was dressed up so he didn’t speak to hide his identity. Whoever he is that was brilliant and one of my favourite musical theatre songs. #Gravity #BGT.”

Another speculated: “Why the f*** would you do opera dressed as Batman unless he is trying to hide his identity as a famous singer. #BGT,” reports the Mirror.

Bruno couldn't believe his eyes
Bruno couldn’t believe his eyes

A third chimed in with their own hunch: “Hasn’t the guy dressed as batman been on before but as himself and made it through to finals. Is that why he didn’t speak so he didn’t have to say who he was and they’d know he was on before #bgt.”

Dec then shared his thoughts on the unpredictable nature of Britain’s Got Talent, saying: “One of the joys of doing Britain’s Got Talent is that you never quite know what’s coming next, and that’s why we love doing it. Even in our 17th series, we have had stuff that we’ve never seen before. We’ve certainly not had an extreme pogo stick act before, alongside several other acts that are still surprising us after all these years.”

The judges were left stunned by the act
The judges were left stunned by the act

Simon also expressed his delight at the programme’s continued success and hinted at what viewers can look forward to, commenting that he “couldn’t be happier” with how things are going.

“I watched all the yes tapes back and honestly; it’s going to be an amazing show this year. It’s just different and it’s fun and it’s got everything you want from BGT. It’s got a heart, great stories, things we’d never seen before, which is important because you don’t want to just keep repeating the same thing year on year. So overall, I couldn’t be happier,” he said.

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