Jax Jones’ Newcastle gig cancelled as DJ ‘stranded’ due to Dubai floods after airport hell

Jax Jones has told fans he is absolutely ‘gutted’ to have to cancel his much hyped free outdoor gig in Newcastle on Friday night, due to being ‘stranded’ due to the extreme flooding in Dubai and him and his family facing an 18 hour wait in the airport for news on how they’d get home.

There was a lot of excitement from fans when it was announced that Jax, the hitmaker behinds tracks like You Don’t Know Me, Never Be Lonely and Whistle, would be taking over the Ouseburn Garden for an intimate show, restricted to a capacity of 400, as many more than that expressed an keen interest in going. As well as Jax topping the bill, he was set to be joined by Tyneside icon and fellow DJ Schak and another local legend, MC Tazo.

However, the event will not longer go ahead as planned and, instead has been rescheduled until Friday, May 3, with Jax revealing there was no way he was going to be able to get to Newcastle in time to perform, after, like many others, suffering a travel nightmare, due to the headline-hitting flooding in Dubai this week, as the popular destination was hit by a deluge of heavy rain.

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Posting a video to Instagram to confirm the gig was off, a gutted Jax said: “I’m going to have to postpone the Newcastle show and this is why. I was flying back from Bangkok via Dubai and when we landed we were hit with crazy flooding, which you’ve probably seen on the news.

“I know flooding Dubai right my be ? I’ve seen cars under water, planes grounded, thousands of people stuck in the airport, including me and my family. We didn’t have a hotel to get to as it was surrounding with water. I have a three year old and a one year old and were were stuck in that airport for 18 hours with nowhere to sleep.”

He added: “The airport is still chaos, but I’m glad we’re safe now ands I’ve managed to find a different route home tomorrow, but I just won’t make it back in time for Newcastle. I’m gutted and I’m really sorry it’s like this. Honestly, the energy from you guys has been incredible, it’s got me so excited to be playing shows again. Please be patient.”

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