Jeremy Clarkson’s fears for Diddly Squat Farm as he addresses future of hit series

Jeremy Clarkson has opened up about the future of Diddly Squat farm, revealing that it’s proving to be “too risky” to invest money into land. The Grand Tour star is returning to Prime Video for the third series of Clarkson’s Farm later this month.

Speaking about the new series at a press Q&A, Jeremy said that the new episodes will see him take on farmhand Kaleb Cooper in a competition to see who can make the most money from Diddly Squat’s unfarmed land.

“It’s me against the man again in season three but the man this time isn’t West Oxfordshire District Council – it’s Kaleb,” he said. “I had this idea that the farm is 1000 acres, which is an average-to-large size farm, but we actually only farm 500 acres of it.

“I thought, I wonder if you can make any money out of the bits that aren’t farmed. So I had a competition with Kaleb. I said, You do your farming, you do your wheat and your barley and your rape seed oil. And I’ll do little bits and bobs in the woods and in the meadows and see what I can earn.”

Jeremy added that unfortunately, he was defeated. “I lost – not to put too fine a point on it. But, it was a fun competition. It ran for all year, but what we really did it for was to highlight the enormous cost that farmers face just to try and get food out of the ground.

“Ordinarily, you would spend on the farm like this £40,000 in seed and and fertiliser and slug pellets. Well, last year here it was £108,000 we had to spend.

“It’s a bit like if you go to a casino and it’s a £2 minimum bet – you can have fun with your mates. You know you have two quid. If they make it a £500 minimum bet, you’re not going to do it. It’s too risky and farming is getting to that point where it’s too risky, really.”

He added: “You just sit there thinking, ‘Oh God, if I invest £108,000 and then the weather’s bad, I’ve lost a lot.’ So that’s really why we did it.”

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As for what fans can expect from part two of Clarkson’s Farm series three, Jeremy said that it’s a “heart-warming” watch. “I won’t spoil it for you. It’s lovely. I think it’s a very, very heart-warming programme,” he said.

“It ticks every single box television should tick. It’s funny, it’s informative, It’s charming and it’s heart-warming. It’s a very nice way of spending your time, watching that show.”

Thankfully, series three isn’t the end of Clarkson’s Farm – with Prime video commissioning a fourth series back in November last year.

Clarkson’s Farm series three arrives on Prime Video on Friday 3rd May. You can watch Clarkson’s Farm for free with Prime Video’s latest trial.

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