Joe Budden on Why J. Cole Should Diss Ye After Walking Back Kendrick Response: ‘The Reprieve That He Needs’

“I told y’all that J. Cole was gon’ have to find somebody to kick his ass and it couldn’t be nobody chump and small,” Budden said, as seen in the clip above. “There is no better person than Kanye, the n***a that you been had smoke with, the n***a that been had smoke with your OG HOV, who’s now on a record saying some shit about you. I know that you’re home with the sage. You’re saging yourself. I know that this beef shit is not in your spirit but if you were to wake up one day in a different mood, now’s the time. Kill him. Kill him. Make an example out of this non-rapping n***a. It’ll be easy too.”

In fact, Budden predicted, the benefits of taking this approach would be wide-ranging for Cole (who previously spurred Ye-focused talk with “False Prophets” in 2016) and his fans.

“I think that’s the reprieve that he needs,” Budden added. “I think that solves all J. Cole’s problems.”

Ye himself previously responded to Cole’s decision to walk back his Kendrick diss, saying in his recently released The Download conversation with Justin Laboy, simply, “Fuck all that pussy shit.”

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