Josh Widdicombe on quitting drinking for a year – and the ‘step too far’

Josh Widdicombe has opened up about giving up alcohol, as he proudly celebrated one year of sobriety. The comedian has revealed he opted to give up alcohol in 2023 after struggling to drink in moderation throughout his life.

Josh, 41, known for appearing on shows such as The Last Leg and Mock the Week, spoke out about his decision to be alcohol-free in a new Instagram post. He marked one year of not drinking and reflected on the advantages and disadvantages of his decision.

“As of last week I’ve not had a drink in over a year,” the dad-of-two announced. “Spent the last week wondering if I am the kind of insufferable p***k that posts about it on Instagram with a ‘read more’ post, turns out I am.”

Josh Widdicombe
Josh Widdicombe has opened up about deciding to quit alcohol

He went on to list the “highs” he’s experienced, including “remembering Christmas Day”. Josh continued: “Been an absolute joy for most of the year, here’s some highs: doing things I thought I needed alcohol to enjoy and actually enjoying them more: seeing bands, weddings, Glastonbury.

“Being a far less irritable/irritating dad, husband and person to do a podcast with. Not spending days desperate to go back to bed or waking up with a sense of shame (as much). Remembering the second half of Christmas Day. Really getting into tea.”

He went on to jokingly list the “negatives” of being sober, saying that a sober holiday to Ibiza was “probably a step too far”. Josh then shared his reasons for giving up, admitting he struggled to manage his alcohol intake.

Josh Widdicombe
Josh celebrated the milestone with a mug of tea

“I tried for years to drink in moderation but it was never in my skill set, so I don’t miss a glass of wine with lunch or dinner as I have never had that in my life without wanting to have ten more,” he candidly admitted.

Josh added: “If you are looking to stop drinking my advice to chat to people you know that have stopped about how they did it, that is what I did. If you don’t want to stop drinking then can I recommend Ibiza.”

Alex Brooker, Adam Hills And Josh Widdicombe on the new set of The Last Leg (series 26)
The comedian is known for appearing on show such as The Last Leg

His post was met with huge support on Instagram from his followers and fellow celebrities. Comedian Rob Beckett joked: “No booze. Porridge 4 life.”

Alex Brooker said: “Proud of you mate,” with a red heart emoji. Fern Brady added: “That’s amazing, alcohol is insanely bad for us and I wish more people knew.”

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