Julia Fox on Dating Someone Famous Like Ye: ‘I’m So Much More Than That’

Speaking more generally, Fox noted that this is frequently how women are treated in the industry, with some viewing them “only as good as their partner” and thus limiting their own identity. Fox’s aim, she added while pointing to the years spent carving out her own lane alone before the decidedly brief Ye relationship, is to “transcend” any such talk.

“I did that for years. I’m good,” she said. “I have established myself, and I want to keep establishing myself. And maybe one day I’ll even be taken seriously.”

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Fox has spoken briefly about the short-lived pairing in the past, including, albeit again without directly naming anyone, in her excellent 2023 memoir Down the Drain. In a brief section of the book, Ye is referred to as, simply, “the artist.” The bulk of Fox’s memoir, however, focuses on her pre-Uncut Gems years.

As of January of this year, a TV adaptation of Down the Drain was reported as being in development. Among the projects next on Fox’s slate is the Jordan Peele-produced Goat, also starring Marlon Wayans and Tyriq Withers.

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