Katherine Ryan reveals she worked with Baby Reindeer’s Richard Gadd as she calls Netflix hit ‘haunting’

Comedian, actress and mum Katherine Ryan talks to OK! about all things fashion, as she prepares to host eBay’s very first eBay Live in the UK tomorrow. She opens up on the stories behind some of her most iconic outfits going on sale for charity, having to up the glam as a busy mother-of-three. But first, OK! had to ask the Canadian star about Baby Reindeer – the hit Netflix show from fellow comedian Richard Gadd that’s on everyone’s lips right now…

Katherine, firstly, as a fellow comic we’ve got to ask. Baby Reindeer – have you seen it?

I just watched it actually when I was in Ireland because I had two nights away from the family and I didn’t think it was the kind of thing my husband would like! I mean I think it’s doing really, really well. I found it very haunting. It was the same production company that made my show The Duchess on Netflix, so I’m really excited for them that they’ve got such a successful series. I haven’t quite finished the last episode but what I have seen is very moving.

Katherine Ryan
Katherine is hosting an eBay live – where she’s selling off some of her own iconic outfits for charity

Does the show remind you of your own early stand-up days?

No, because my shows weren’t like what Richard Gadd did. I mean, we didn’t work together much but his style of comedy was really off the wall. I just think it’s great that Richard’s found his tribe and he’s so successful now, but I was always more mainstream. I didn’t have props. So I had a much easier time.

Richard Gadd in Baby Reindeer
Comedian Richard Gadd in a scene from his hit show Baby Reindeer

And tell us all about hosting the first eBay Live event you’re hosting tomorrow…

Oh, it’s great- spring has sprung and we are embracing sustainability. Obviously a lot of us are opening those wardrobe doors thinking how do I have so many clothing items but nothing to wear – I certainly felt like that. And eBay has no selling fees on pre-loved clothing – it’s the perfect time to list those items you don’t wear on eBay.

Do you reckon we all have clothes at the back of the wardrobe we never wear?

I think their research showed the average British person has 400 pounds just sitting in their closet of something they never had. They’re not going to where it doesn’t fit anymore. And I’m certainly guilty of that. I’ve got many things but all my stuff is occasionwear or just really manky tracksuits and my goal will be o sell off some of the occasion wear – I’ll be donating the proceeds of mine to charity, obviously, but I also need to invest in some pre-loved, really well made staple everyday pieces.

Comedian Katherine Ryan
Katherine loves her fashion – but says she has lots in the wardrobe that she never wears

You’re selling some of your most iconic pre-loved fashion items – tells us more!

I purposely wanted to choose things that only had a fun story. There’s this beautiful dress that I wore in Dubai two weeks ago by a local designer in green and gold, and then a piece from The Duchess. I chose a blazer from one of my very favourite scenes so it does have sentimental value. I think we’re all looking for the perfect blazer just to dress up in jeans and a T-shirt.

What else can eagle-eyed fans spot then?

This is velvet with some lilac flowers and a beautiful lining inside. Then there’s a sequin Rixo dress that’s backless and I’ve worn that different red carpets and awards and I realised it’s a little bit big for me and I’m probably not going to wear it again. There’s also the dress that I wore to the launch of my book The Audacity – It’s pink, and really flattering, with some metallic piping.

Katherine Ryan with husband Bobby and children Fred and Violet
Katherine, with husband Bobby and children Fred and Violet, says it’s hard to ‘stay on top of the glam’

You’re a busy mum and career woman – is it hard to stay on top of the glam?

Yeah, and that does need to be elevated when I see the other mums at the soft play or in the sandpit wearing tracksuits – but those tracksuits look nice too. As it gets warmer, I won’t have the security blanket of the woollen trench coat – I need to up my game. I can’t do a Geri Halliwell and wear cream all the time either, not least because I have too many kids touching me with sticky hands all the time!

Comedian Katherine Ryan is at eBay UK’s fashion event in Shoreditch. The event follows the platform unveiling that it is now free to sell pre-owned fashion on eBay UK. Learn more at eBay.co.uk.

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