Kendrick Lamar Fires Back With New Drake Diss “Euphoria”: ‘I Got a Son to Raise… You Don’t Know Nothing About That’

“Don’t tell no lie ’bout me and I won’t tell truths ’bout you.”

After weeks of speculation, the moment has arrived, complete with the aforementioned line (and numerous others) that are sure to be enthusiastically dissected in the days ahead. Indeed, Kendrick Lamar is back, and he’s feeling euphoric.

Up top, hear the six-minute “euphoria,” which sees the 6 God being repeatedly and directly called out. At one point, Kendrick brings in a fatherhood-focused dig at Drake, whose son with Sophie Brussaux was a key point of the Pusha T beef in 2018.

I got a son to raise but I can see you don’t know nothing ’bout that 

Listeners are first gently eased into Kendrick’s highly anticipated “Like That” follow-up with some calmly delivered reflections on watching someone’s “superpowers” be “neutralized.” From there, the song picks up, ultimately exploding into a barrage of bars directed at the “Summer Games” sequel denier.

Three minutes in, Kendrick declares himself “the biggest hater” before laying out some of his Drake-focused targets of said hate, like so:

This ain’t been ’bout critics, not about gimmicks, not about who the greatest
It’s always been about love and hate, now let me say I’m the biggest hater
I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk
I hate the way that you dress

Kendrick then expands this hate to include “the bitches you fuck” who “confuse themselves with real women,” with the pgLang co-founder stating that he’s not just speaking for himself, but is instead voicing “what the culture feeling.”

This story is being updated.

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