Kendrick Lamar Leaks Cause Commotion After Fan-Made Playlist of Unreleased Tracks

The hunger for new Kendrick Lamar music is palpable, as evidenced by the reaction to the recent resurfacing of leaks with which diehard fans are already quite familiar.

Over the weekend, much attention was paid to an upload on the [untitled] app under the pgLang name. While pgLang is indeed the name of Kendrick and Dave Free’s once-mysterious company, the project in question, despite some speculation positing otherwise, is all but confirmed to be a fake—not “fake” in that the songs aren’t real, but fake in that this would-be project is actually nothing more than a fan-made playlist.

Over on the Kendrick-focused subreddit, a fan shared a link to the [untitled] app upload, saying they had “compiled my favorite Kendrick leaks to try and create a conceptual cohesive playlist.” Not long after, word of the upload started making the rounds on Twitter.

For those unfamiliar, [untitled] is an app designed to serve as “a sacred place” for artists’ works-in-progress.

View news Source: https://www.complex.com/music/a/tracewilliamcowen/kendrick-lamar-leaks

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