Latto, Usher, and a Very Bored Kevin Hart Went to the Club and People Have Jokes

Kevin Hart couldn’t help but look like he was ready to go home during a recent visit to a club with Latto and Usher.

On Thursday, the “Big Energy” rapper posted a clip of herself with Ush and Hart as she rapped along to her latest single, “Sunday Service.” While Latto and Ush seemed energized, and the Confessions singer made playful facial gestures while Latto rapped, the camera panned over to Hart, whose expression appeared blank and uninterested in being outside. Hart’s look was understandable, as the comedian is currently gearing up for the Acting My Age Tour, a multi-city trek which begins in late Jun.

“It’s like 5 funny things about this video,” Latto appropriately captioned the video on X. Hart could become a meme (again) since many found his expression relatable, while others commented on Usher’s oversized hat.

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