Louise Thompson wears swimming costume for first time since getting stoma bag during family getaway

Louise Thompson has shared her first time wearing swimwear since having a stoma fitted. The former Made In Chelsea star revealed to fans that she’s been fitted with the medical device after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.

Now the 34-year-old mum of one has shared with fans that she’d been making the most of the recent warm weather as she enjoyed a well-deserved getaway.

The star headed to the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire for a relaxing holiday with fiancé Ryan Libbey and their little boy, Leo.

Sharing a mirror video in a flattering black swimsuit, during a trip to the resort’s spa, she revealed that it was her “first time” wearing a swimming costume.

Louise Thompson pictured wearing a black swimsuit that covers her stoma bag
Louise Thompson shared her first time wearing a swimming costume since getting a stoma bag fitted

Louise Thompson takes a car selfie on her way to a spa hotel
Louise enjoyed a lavish spa getaway to the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire with her family

The star looked beautiful as she flashed a smile for the camera in the large hotel mirror as she framed her face, styling her brunette hair in a chunky bob.

Enjoying the downtime with her loved ones, Louise later joked that she and her family were going to be “moving” into the lavish hotel.

It comes as Louise recently revealed that son, Leo, 2, is “obsessed” with her ileostomy bag. The TV personality posted a video of her little one curiously trying to touch her new medical device.

Louise Thompson shows her son touching her stoma
Louise Thompson revealed her son Leo, 2, is ‘obsessed’ with her stoma bag

Louise Thompson snuggles up to her fiancé Ryan Libbey
Louise Thompson with her fiancé Ryan Libbey

Praising little Leo and other children for being ‘non-judgmental’ about the ‘taboo subject,’ the star told followers: “There are certainly many lessons we could learn from our children.

“My son has a really funny obsession with my ileostomy bag. I have no idea how he knows to say ‘poo poo’, but I guess he’s smarter than I thought.”

She added: “Isn’t it wonderful how unaffected our children are by awkward and ‘taboo’ subjects? If only we could all be this non judgmental… except when he points out a spot on my face in public and shouts ‘boo boo’.

“I guess boo boo and poo poo sound similar. The #stoma is a bit of both. It’s both an ouchy and a way to go to the loo. … I’m sharing this off-the-cuff video that Ryan captured when trying to get a ‘civilized outfit shot’ for every person that messaged me to say that they haven’t had the confidence to tell their friends and family they have a stoma…. Some of you for years. (There are thousands of you btw).

“Nothing to be ashamed of. Still the same human on the inside. I haven’t had a personality transplant. I can still dress, walk, and talk the same.”

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