Lucy Beaumont feared she was dying during during daughter’s traumatic birth before Jon Richardson split

Meet the Richardsons star Lucy Beaumont revealed she thought she was dying during a traumatic labour, which saw her losing blood. recently

The comedian recently announced her divorce from co-star Jon Richardson after nine years of marriage. The former couple have both starred in Meet The Richardsons, in which they play “exaggerated versions of themselves,” since 2020.

Lucy recalled the birth of their baby girl Elsie, now seven, which saw her rushed off for an emergency C-section. The star opened up about the ordeal in her book, a ‘mumoir’ called Drinking Custard: Diary Of A Confused Mum.

Recalling how frightened she felt when she was given an anaesthetic to numb her body before the surgery, she wrote: “That’s when I lost it. I couldn’t feel my body from my neck down. I really struggled.”

Lucy Beaumont poses for a picture
Lucy Beaumont, who has just split from her husband and 8 Out Of 10 Cats star Jon Richardson, recalled the difficulties of giving birth to their daughter

Meet The Richardsons - Series 4
Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont star in Meet the Richardsons

She continued: “The experts knew what they were doing but I thought I was dying. I don’t think I actually was, but I had lost blood and because it was an emergency there wasn’t time to discuss much.

“My eyesight went and I felt I was going to lose consciousness. I am just grateful that we were fine in the end. All you’re bothered about is that your baby is OK but I was in total shock.”

Although her baby was safely delivered by the C-section, the mum, famed for their hit mockumentary was left so traumatised, she and Jon did not wish to have another child.

Meet the Richardsons Series 5 - Series Image - L-R - Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont
Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont share a seven year old daughter

She said: “I’d never been through anything like that before so it was definitely the biggest trauma of my life.

“Yes, labour was a success. Equally, I felt it is important for women to share their stories in detail, of how they feel in hospital, because if there was all the money in the world in the NHS there probably would be a therapist.

“And I like the idea of having lots of children in the house but then you’ve got to look after them, haven’t you? If you were brought up on the Sound Of Music, that’s what does it – and the Pampers advert of a woman in a white shirt with a newborn baby.

Lucy Beaumont and Jon Richardson seen in a happy picture smiling
Lucy Beaumont and Jon Richardson have split after nine years of marriage

“If you buy into all this you don’t realise the reality. It’s not like that. You’re just basically tidying up all day. Jon’s a brilliant dad. He’s devoted to Elsie but I think he’s even more sure he doesn’t want kids now. To be honest I don’t think he wants to share her.”

The pair, who tied the knot in 2015 released a joint statement on April 12, 2024 confirming their split. “After 9 years of marriage, we would like to announce that we have separated. We have jointly and amicably made the difficult decision to divorce and go our separate ways,” the said.

The added: “As our only priority is managing this difficult transition for our daughter, we would ask that our privacy is respected at this sensitive time to protect her well-being. We will be making no further comment.”

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