Lupe Fiasco Posts Throwback Video to Prove He’s Not a Kendrick Lamar Hater

The comments, of course, were met with backlash, with many accusing Lupe of being a “jealous” K.Dot “hater.” The Drill Music in Zion artist dismissed the allegations and insisted he has “love” for Kendrick, but wasn’t impressed by his lyricism, saying “he just doesn’t flex his pen enough for me” on X.

Lupe underscored his position by sharing an old video of him celebrating Kendrick at the beginning of his career. The clip, which was shared on Wednesday, was from a 2012 Chicago concert where Lupe invited the Compton rapper to join him onstage.

Fiasco told the crowd he was doing “something called the ‘Lupe Fiasco Outstanding Fan Awards,’” which included an award for the “Next Big Thing.”

“Now, I can give this award to anybody that I want, you know what I’m saying?” he said. “So I went down through, I sat down, and I was like, ‘I want you to think hard. Think real hard Lupe, about who you want to give this Next Big Award to.’ And I said, ‘Out of the many, there’s only one guy that I am a fan of that I think deserves this award. So the Next Big Thing award goes to my big homie Kendrick Lamar.”

Kendrick then went in for a pound hug and accepted the honor.

“Thank you,” he told Lupe as the crowd cheered.

“This the future right here, y’all,” Lupe responded.

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