Meek Mill Claims Michael Rubin’s Awkward ‘Bunny Hop’ Video Came From a Prison ‘Game’

Billionaire mogul Michael Rubin once made Meek Mill do bunny hops after winning against him in a tennis game. But in hindsight, the Philadelphia rapper doesn’t see anything wrong with the 2021 viral video.

After Meek controversially made an X post that read, “They paying ‘n****rs’ to tear n***as down!” a user responded by seemingly calling the rapper a sellout.

“How much did they pay you to do this?” the person asked, sharing Rubin’s aforementioned clip.

But Meek made light of it, claiming the “bunny hops” came from “a game” that he “started from prison.”

“We used to make killers do bunny hops when they loss because it was too hostile for money,” he continued, also sharing the video to DThang and Tdot’s 2020 song “Bunny Hop.”

“This be us!!! ima get Rubin to bunny hop for me okay lol ima teach him d thang hop!” Meek added.

View news Source: https://www.complex.com/music/a/jaelaniturnerwilliams/meek-mill-michael-rubin-bunny-hop-video-prison-game

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